Lisa is running from someone, or something. Who, or what it is, she can’t quite tell.  All she knows is that in the daytime it lurks around every corner, and at night it leaps through her dreams.

Common Ground Theatre have teamed up with Hannah Bruce & Co. to adapt the folk story of Baba Yaga the witch. This short, work-in-progress, trailer piece, uses a thrilling combination of site-specific storytelling and immersive audio techniques, including binaural sound recordings, to create an atmospheric reimagining of this terrifying tale.

An immersive, site-specific, audio experience which takes place at Piccadilly Carpark, Merchantgate, York as part of York Mediale.

1 – 6 October 7pm (30 mins) £5 (GUIDANCE 14+)


#CGTBabaYaga @CGTheatreMakers


Our BABA YAGA show runs from a bespoke App developed by Hannah Bruce & Co. When you book your ticket, you will receive full instructions on how to download it, as well as a unique ticketed event code which will download the audio for you. You will need to use a Wifi connection at home to do this.

Once you have done this the App will tell you the precise location of where to go for the show start. The audio starts automatically, we can’t wait for it, so don’t be late.

The App runs on Apple (iPad and iPod touch iOS 10.0 or later) as well as Android.