Look at me. My edges are real. I start where the waves stop. I am all that is not the sea.

After scraping together his last few pounds and hitching a lift up north, David sets out along the well-worn path that leads from one side of the country to the other. As he stumbles over the brutal curves of a Britain that doesn’t seem to know where on earth it’s heading anymore, he soon encounters versions of himself he thought he’d left behind and struggles to make his way across the broken fragments of the island he calls home. It turns out that making progress isn’t always as straightforward as it seems.

An arresting, post-brexit medley of spoken word, storytelling and live music.

David Jarman is a playwright, poet and musician from York. He was the Poet in Residence at the Great Yorkshire Fringe 2017, Poet in Residence at the National Railway Museum 2017, and is currently a Poet in Residence within the NHS at the York Hospital. His plays have been produced by York Theatre Royal and Theatre 503.