A lyrical audio collage bursting with voice and music, in the heart of York.

Stories, imaginings and musings inspired by the Castle Gateway area in central York. Accessed via an app on smartphones / tablets, the rich sound world guides listeners on a journey through York’s oldest site of stronghold, power and resistance. Follow the in-audio instructions, to explore one of the city’s most fascinating and iconic sites. A captivating and irreverent blend of past and present. Part podcast, part poem, part accidental carpark.

CONFLUX is site-responsive audio, designed to be heard in and around the site that inspired it, using headphones or earbuds. It starts on Piccadilly in the centre of York and finishes a short distance away, near Clifford’s Tower.

It is available to download and experience for free between December 2019 and December 2020 (performance start times and ticket codes below).


Below are details about how to download the free TlotT app in advance (Part 1), and enter the ticket code associated with your chosen CONFLUX event (Part 2). The app will provide all the information you need to participate in the event, including map and details of the starting point (34 Piccadilly, York YO1 9TU, UK).


1)         A smart phone, tablet, or iPod touch. Please make sure that your device is compatible (see list below).

2)         A pair of headphones.

3)         In order to participate in this event, you will first need to download the free TlotT app. You can either search for TlotT on the App Store (Apple devices) or Google Play (Android devices), or use the download links below:

Android  Devices:


Apple  Devices:


If you have used TlotT in the past for events, it is important that you update your TlotT app to the current version via Google Play (Android devices) or the App Store (Apple devices).

Please note that the download for Conflux (including the TlotT app) will require at least 150MB of free space on your device.

The TlotT app does NOT collect any information, including personal data or location information, from users.


Once you have downloaded the TlotT app onto your device, use your chosen code from the chart below to download the CONFLUX event.


App ticket  code is:
(case sensitive)
App ticket code is:
(case sensitive)
App ticket code is:
(case sensitive)
December 07.45 13.00 15.30
January 07.45 13.00 15.45
February 07.00 13.00 16.30
March * 06.30 13.00 17.30
April 06.00 13.00 19.30
May 06.00 13.00 20.30
June 06.00 13.00 21.30
July 06.00 13.00 21.00
August 06.00 13.00 19.45
September 06.30 13.00 18.30
October ** 07.30 13.00 17.30
November 07.30 13.00 15.45

*N.B. 29-31 March will run at 19.15 to accommodate clocks changing
** N.B. 29-31 March will run at 19.15 to accommodate clocks changing

Ticket Code instructions:

  1. a) Ensure you have an internet connection (wifi or 3G/4G data)
  2. b) Open the TlotT app and test your headphones with the sound file on the home screen
  3. c) On the home screen select ‘Events’
  4. d) On the ‘Events’ screen select ‘Add new ticket code’
  5. e) Enter your chosen code and press ‘Add’ (Android devices) or hit return (Apple devices).
  6. f) Once CONFLUX has downloaded you will see it listed on the ‘Events’ screen. Click on the title for detailed information about the start point for the journey, and other important information. You will see that there is a countdown at the bottom of the screen. The event will automatically start to play once the countdown reaches zero, but only if this screen is open on your device. Ensure you arrive at the start point in plenty of time as once the event starts there is no way to catch up!

To exit the CONFLUX screen click ‘Back’ (Apple devices) or use the device’s back button (Android devices). You can open and quit the event as many times as you need prior to your journey – just remember to have it open on the CONFLUX screen when the event is due to start and leave it open once CONFLUX has begun.


Please note that the piece is a journey – you will be standing and walking outdoors for approximately one hour. Do dress appropriately for the weather, and wear shoes that you will be comfortable in. There is no shelter on the journey so an umbrella may be appropriate.

The journey follows a specific guided route – please listen to the voices and follow the journey you hear them take.

Please make sure that your device has sufficient charge to play audio for the duration of the piece (1hr).

Please ensure your clock is set to 24 hour on your device, otherwise CONFLUX may not work properly.

The route is accessible, but if you have specific access questions please contact us in advance on 07946 134 076 or by emailing confluxyork@gmail.com



Requires Android 4.0 or later


Requires iOS 10.0 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

After the event:

Please let us know what you thought using social media






It is thanks to public subsidy that you are able to experience this work for free. CONFLUX is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

CONFLUX is also funded through Leeds City Region Business Rates Pool, which allows local authorities to retain growth in business rates for local investment. It is also supported by City of York Council and York Mediale Thanks also to the University of York Music Department, who have provided support for this project.

We are indebted to Helen Graham and Phil Bixby, who are true champions of the Castle Gateway site.