Written and performed by Hannah Davies
Sound design by Jack Rutherford
Artistic installations by Jessica Watson

Find your way along a mapped route, with a personal audio headset. Journey through the picturesque countryside at your own pace. Discover hidden words and artistic installations among the hills. Within This Landscape is a piece of site responsive personal storytelling by local playwright and performer Hannah Davies. A lyrical and affecting tribute, it explores the writer’s relationship with the North Yorkshire countryside that inspired the piece, her struggle to find her place within it and the eventual sweetness of loss.

23rd 24th 25th August 2014. Beginning @ The Fauconberg Arms, Coxwold, North Yorkshire YO61 4AD

Within This Landscape was selected by Charles Hutchinson as a Cultural Highlight of 2014.

‘moving and yet life affirming too… makes you appreciate family, face the roll of life’s dice, be alive to the importance of living it to the full’  THE YORK PRESS